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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nasty Nick

Nick Folk is a dirty motherfucker!!! This sick fuck loves to fantasize about sucking all kinds of dick!!!  He gets hard while he's on his knees like a dirty little whore sucking off nasty, dirty, disgusting homeless guys! He once sucked a bum's dirty, sweaty, hairy balls for a whole 10 minutes! I have him recorded telling me this too! He wants EVERYONE to know that he's a sick perverted Faggot FUCK! He has a fantacy of getting gang raped by 20 homeless men as they hold him down and rape his fag ass and cum inside of him, spewing their filthy loads inside of him! All of this gets his 4in little clitty hard!!!
Laughing my ass OFF!!! -Jamie

Ca$h makes me Cum!


Mistress Jamie strikes again! I LOVE taking your money!!!! It takes a lot for a girl to look as good as I do, designer clothes and makeup don't come cheap you know...it's Piggy Banks like you who foot the bill for that! So thank you JJ, for being such a good little bitch and forking over the funds, I know your cock thanks you!...And so do I! But don't be discouraged boys! A girl like me can never have too many loosers paying me for being me ;) So if you think you have the right stuff, Give me a call, and pay up Pig! Let me make you hot as I melt your plastic!

Jimmy A has been outed!

Yesturday while I was out shopping with the money my fav fag forked over, I wrote all over the bathroom stall : Jimmy A is a fag! Jimmy A loves big black cock! Now EVERYONE will know! -Ashtyn! Call me Looser! I wanna rub it in your face that everyone knows you're a big, flaming FAG!

We're DYING to hear from you!

Hey Boys! Jamie here! 
 Ashtyn, Kennedy, and I are here all by ourselves today. We're waiting patiently by the phones, should you want to keep us company. Give us a call...These panties don't soak themselves you know!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

3pm to 11pm has been the the most fun!!!

Kennedy and I had almost a hour of making out! Then one day this week I had quit the unexpected surprise! I was totally helpless and dominated.

Me and Kennedy had the best sex you could possibly imagine! All I can say is, THANK YOU SIR! *giggles*



Fall is Cumming!

Hey Boys! I know it's sad that the weather is getting colder now...we have to say goodbye to sundresses, tanktops, bikini's, daisy dukes...and hello to sweaters, scarves, pants, and coats. Can't have hard nipples showing right? But you know, there are ways to keep warm without having to wear clothes! So why don't we keep each other warm while things outside get cold? Give me a call! I'll show you that I know how to bring the heat ;) xoxox -Jamie

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jimmy A. is such a SISSY!!!

Jimmy A. can't help himself!! He needs to jerk it to big hard black cocks all the fucking time!!!
Sissy cocksucker!! Keep paying, Jimmy, and keep jerking your sissy dick while your mouth salivates for my boyfriend's hard cock!!


Well guys it's me Alex. I'm feeling a little strange tonight boys and have been for a few days. Sending a call out to all of my little bitch boys this mistress needs someone to play with hardcore. One in particular I would like to call out tonight John H Texas I'm still waiting. I'll be here tomorrow night if any of you boys want to play.


Jack off Jimmy

...Is such a sissy boy! Jimmy is unfortunately a loser who calls and has to masturbate everyday to big black cock photos!
Jimmy Jimmy call me in your sissy voice. I want to make you beg like a bitch for more!


My Italian mom loves taking my daddy's creamy cannoli! We Italians make the best creamy sauces. Don't believe me? Ask me how you can find out! I'm working 3:00 to11:00 if anyone wants to chat! I would love to tell you some of my sotries and get to know some of your's as well. Let's play sometime.
Call me now, boys! 3p-11p!!